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Thanksgiving Project – Out Of Office

I have several things to be thankful for today. One is that the weather has been pretty good for this late in December. But, it looks like to is ending tonight. Two, is that I had a nice evening with one of my closest friends. Three, tomorrow is my last day of work before vacation!

That is what I m truly thankful for today though. If you know me, you know I’m a bit of a workaholic. And I tend to put in some long hours. In my defense though, I work hard AND I play hard. I like to think there is some balance. Plus, because I am a workaholic, it is quite likely I will still go to the office during vacation. But, it will be on my terms…my hours. And it won’t be stressful.

I’m not going anywhere during this vacation (except to spend Christmas with my daughter and grandson in Cleveland). But it will be a much needed break nonetheless.

So, I will work hard tomorrow so I can be gone for TWELVE days!!!!! Looking forward to time with family, getting things done around the house, but mostly just relaxing and reading.


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