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Thanksgiving Project – Everydays

Holidays are a time for families to get together. And I intend to go see my daughter and grandson. I’m excited to spend time with them. Soren changes so much from visit to visit. He is getting to be a big boy.

But I am also torn because I want to be with my dad. This is the first Christmas without mom. Honestly, my sister invited so many extra people on Thanksgiving that we didn’t even talk about mom (and it would have been her 75th birthday). I know my dad feels such a loss and it breaks my heart. I wish I could be two places at once, but I still haven’t mastered that.

But I’m thankful that he understands how much I want to see Soren and Andrea on Christmas Day. I will spend time with him on Christmas Eve before I go to church. And I will most likely see him the day after Christmas as well.

Yes, holidays are a time for families. But every day is a time for families. And I know I won’t have that many holidays or everydays with my dad.


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