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New Header and so much more.

I have had a great and lazy day. Forced myself to take a shower and get dressed finally. But by then it was after noon. I finally ate breakfast about 1:30. I couldn’t tell you what I did all morning. But I sure frittered it away…and it was wonderful.

And then I read most of the afternoon. Perfect weather too. What more could I expect then?

Well I didn’t expect it, but I made a purchase on eBay for a Vera Bradley bag I’ve been wanting. It was one I should have purchased at the big spring sale but I didn’t. Now it is a discontinued style. Hindsight. But I found it and bought it…from someone just a few miles away. So now I get a bonus of no shipping because she is meeting me before I go watch football.

Did you see my amazing new header? It was created for me by my friend Green Embers. Isn’t he great? Love it Bradley! Thank you!

Today I’m most thankful for my wonderful, talented WP friends. Plus my bonus of getting my new Vera Bradley bag right away.

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