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Cannibal Hearts Review

I actually listened to this book. I had seen a blog post by the author saying how fortunate he felt to have this particular narrator. I have to agree. The narrator was great.

This book is the second one in a series. I had read the first book, but I’m not convinced that this could stand alone without reading the first book. The imagination of the author amazes me. The paranormal/fantasy creatures and what they can do is clever.

Some of the sentence structures bothered me. Many short, choppy sentences and too much telling instead of showing. But the storyline was good and I really enjoyed this book.

I gave it four out of five stars and would recommend it, although it would be best to read Catskinners Book first.

Review of Catskinner’s Book by Misha Burnett

I am a suspense/mystery reader. I love a good political thriller. Even a psychological thriller. I can even do a dramatic literary fiction or historical fiction from time to time. I’ve really stepped outside the box with this book.

This book was intense from the very first page…and didn’t let up until the last word.

My first thought though was “this is going to be too weird for me.” I thought that, but couldn’t put it down. I raced through it to finish it. Every time I thought there couldn’t be any other creatures, there were!

I truly am in awe of writers who can create something from so deep within their imagination that their creation is unique. Well, I’m assuming this is unique. But I can’t be sure because this is a totally new genre for me.

Do I recommend this book? YES! It was entertaining, fast-paced, and well written.

Check out Misha’s blog.

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