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Vacation, baby!

Well, technically just a couple of vacation days. But combined with four holiday days, I’m off work until January 2. I definitely need the time off. I’m still under the weather. Tired of being sick and tired. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

But here are all the things I’m extra thankful for today.

* I got a bottle of my favorite wine for Christmas from a good friend. Yummy!
* My secretary had her kids in the office for a bit today. Her 9 year old looked at me adoringly and told me she just loved my red hair and my red top. And she thought I was so pretty. (Sure beats having Warren come home the other day and telling me how bad I look!)
* I found an Egg Nog shake finally. Wanted one with lunch from McDonald’s only to hear they were sold out for the season. What? It isn’t even Christmas yet. But the Huntington McDonald’s still had them this evening. Yay! Funny story while I was there. I wanted to buy a $40 gift card. The girl taking my order said she couldn’t do that – they only came in $5, $10, $25, or $50 amounts. I wasn’t going to make it easy on her. I figured if they hired people with that little common sense, I would only buy a $25 one. By the time I got to the window an adult working asked if I still wanted $40. She said that, of course they could do that. I hate to say it, but kids today just don’t know how to use the brain God gave them sometimes. *smh*
* I got awesome news at work. Can’t go into details, but it means we raised a lot more money than I had anticipated from one company!
* And let’s not forget, I’m off work for NINE days!!!!!

Lots to be thankful for even when I’m fighting the flu that won’t go away.

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