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Real Estate

It was an insanely busy day at work. Add in my second full-time job of getting dad qualified for Medicaid. That equals insanity. We put the house on the market tonight though.

I’m thankful we got that done.

But the big news today is that my new book is now available for kindle today!!!!

Cover Reveal

Iā€™m so excited about the cover for my new book. I know Iā€™ve been talking about this for quite a while now, but it is all coming together very quickly now.

I had a friend help me by photoshopping some images together to create the picture. He was great at coming up with exactly what I could see in my head (and trust me, that is no easy thing to do). And then I have another friend (she is actually someone who does most of the graphic design work for me at work) who created the final cover. I think they did a great job.

I am hoping to have this ready to publish on Kindle this week and then available in paperback within a couple of weeks.

Please share this cover and help me promote my latest poetry collection.

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Book Cover – YAY!!!!!

I left dad’s house at 7:00 this morning – stopped at the grocery store to pick up milk for breakfast. Home, breakfast, read the paper and in the recliner to take a nap by 8:00. I napped until a little after 10:00 – I would like to have napped longer, but I wanted to finish a book. Normally I read two to three books a week but lately it has been two to three weeks to read one book. I’m anxious to get back into my routine.

Did you see my interview today on Readful Things? Check it out – it was a two part series on readers and non-readers. Obviously I was the reader.

I really didn’t accomplish much beyond that today. Oh, I did get on the treadmill. It would have been so easy not to do that since I was forced to skip yesterday (although I’m pretty sure I burnt as many calories cleaning as I do walking). But that was it.

But the really big news is that I have my book cover done finally. I will be doing a cover reveal tomorrow. I’m really excited about the cover – it turned out great and is exactly what I could see in my mind’s eye. Watch for the cover reveal – and I am always grateful for reblogs. My designer is also posting the cover on her website and Facebook page too. Hopefully once the book is ready to promote, she will do that for me too.

I’m thankful mostly today for my cover being done. But I’m also grateful that I could have a pizza delivered tonight (I can’t do that when I’m home). I’m thankful that my cousin and her husband are coming over to help put dad in bed. He has an army of people helping take care of him. I’m thankful for all of those people, but I will also be thankful to get him moved because I’m really getting tired of being here every night. We have agreed that we can have people help during the day, but we don’t want anyone else here at night – I refuse to pay someone to sleep (and then there is the question of whether or not they would hear him call in the night).

One Mississippi by Howard Littleson Review

This book was set in a time period that is difficult for me to understand. I understand what actually happens then, but I don’t get the oppression of races and women.

Kathryn is trying desperately to break free from both biases, but struggles with her own background, and I would guess upbringing. Her father arranged a marriage for her to a man who then died. We learned of her abuse and that she was required to be a grieving widow living with her younger sister and brother-in-law. The story unfolds slowly and reveals many layers. But we are allowed to join Kathryn and Julia as they make their way into a new world.

While the book needed a proofreader to correct a few typos, it was basically well written. The story does have an open conclusion and then the reader finds out this is just book one in a trilogy. I would recommend this book for a day when you are looking for a quick read.

Good Day

Today was a pretty good day.

I woke dad up this morning and the first thing he said to me was “are we going out for breakfast?” I told him we could if he wanted to and he said “well, last Saturday we went to breakfast so I thought we were going again today.” We went to breakfast šŸ™‚

Then I ran a couple of errands for him before heading home for a quick shower and to change my clothes.

I finished cleaning. The house looks so much better. I rearranged the living room furniture and really cleaned some things. My mom’s bed still had her nightgown under her pillow and she died over two years ago. I didn’t strip the bed yet, but I threw away the nightgown.

My back hurts and my feet are killing me. But the house looks so much better than it has in a long time. There are still a few things to do – but I have assigned those to my niece and my sister. I can’t do it all, ya know.

The realtor came but wouldn’t give us even a price range for listing today – she is coming back Monday afternoon.

I actually had a few minutes to read so I laid down on the couch and read about two minutes before I fell asleep for a nap. That was delicious!

I’m glad today was a calm day – I’m glad the house is clean – I’m glad dad and I had time together and a lot of little things have been done. I’m glad tomorrow is Sunday and I will be home tomorrow during the day. Being home sounds divine.

Broken Record

I know I sound like a broken record. But it’s become my life. Another appointment at the law office. This time with the paralegal. Fortunately she is a really good friend. When I started to melt down, I was with a friend and not a professional.

This applying for Medicaid is hard stuff. Then I get to go back and tell dad and he gets upset with me. I didn’t write the Medicaid rules and neither did the attorney. Dad is frustrated too. I think I’m close to getting everything they need though. Unfortunately, we won’t be ready to apply by July 1.

That means it may be awhile before we can get him moved.

On a brighter note, I was here from 3:00 on today. After dinner tonight, I asked dad if he wanted to sit outside on the porch with me. He was thrilled. He hadn’t been out of the house today. We didn’t stay out long, but I think it was good for him.

Then I came inside and started deep cleaning. I swear this house hasn’t really been cleaned since my mom died 27 months ago. My dad pays my 16 yr old niece to clean (she is definitely overpaid). She evidently doesn’t move anything to dust, doesn’t bother dusting the pictures on the wall, the baseboards or clean the kitchen sink. Yuk! The dust was flying. But I got a lot done tonight. I will finish up in the morning. We have a realtor coming over tomorrow afternoon. I think after that I may be able to go home for a couple of hours and collapse.

My uncle fell again today. This time it was face first into some berry brambles. He was pretty scratched up, but generally okay. Although he lost his $4000 hearing aid in the fall. My cousin and her husband searched for it and finally got lucky and found it. I need to go see him tomorrow. I’ve been neglecting him since I’ve been so busy with my dad.

I’m so thankful that I had a nice day (mostly) with my dad. I even got to see Warren this evening long enough to sit and have dinner. That’s the first I’ve laid eyes on him since Tuesday. I’m also thankful that my sister actually told me tonight how grateful she is that I’m handling all of dad’s affairs. She wants nothing to do with any of it. I also know that she wouldn’t be moving as quickly as I have been to pull things together for the attorney. I’m anxious to get the house on the market. I will have to make payments in a couple of months if it doesn’t sell quickly so I definitely want to see it sell quickly.

I’m tired and I’m sure this is boring as hell for all of you. In fact, you may not still be here at the end. But if you are, make sure you get long term care insurance today! Make sure (if you are young) your parents have it. Don’t wait until you need to have nursing care to plan for it. It is exhausting and stressful.

Storm Clouds

I didn’t post an update yesterday. I just couldn’t do it. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work and dad that I’m barely functioning at all.

Yesterday was a good day at work – we were filming for our campaign video and managed to get the outdoor filming done between raindrops. No, when it rained, it was a lot more than raindrops – it was a deluge. But we still managed to stay dry.

But I had email troubles all day and nothing was coming through for my work account. It was not a good situation. But when they did come through, there was the letter from dad’s attorney on everything we need to do.

The letter was EIGHT pages long. It was detailed and quite frankly, overwhelming. It wasn’t even in lawyer-speak. There is just so much that we need to do. Dad has appointed me to handle his affairs. But then he complains about it all. I don’t make up the laws. The attorney doesn’t make up the laws. We are just trying to do what we can to stay within the law and still offer some sort of life for dad. It seems such a shame that your parents worked hard all their lives, made a good living and then a nursing home takes everything they have worked for. He wants to be able to help his grandchildren with college tuition, etc. But he can’t do that. In order for him to be on Medicaid he can only gift a TOTAL to everyone $1200 a year. Two daughters, four granddaughters, one great-grandson – you do the math – it doesn’t go very far – that is just Christmas.

I had a major meltdown yesterday. Major. I started crying and just couldn’t stop (not sure I have really stopped even yet). I don’t know how to help my dad understand that he can’t keep giving away money. He can pay the kid who does his yard work and odd jobs around the house – yet he can’t help his granddaughters. He can private home health care to come in and get him out of bed in the morning, yet he can’t do anything for his own daughters who have urinal duty and overnight babysitting duty. He can pay the nurse to bathe him, yet he can’t do anything for those of us who have to be that second person to help.

But through my meltdown, my dearest friend Ionia was there for me. She doesn’t complain (at least to me) about me whining. She makes me laugh and lets me know she loves me and cares. Everybody needs a confidante like Ionia. I will get through all of this because of her support, concern, and a listening ear.

Dad wanted to be moved by next Monday. Last night he just said, “I will never get moved at this rate”. It is heartbreaking. It is stressful. And I’m just so freaking tired.

But I’m thankful for Ionia. Thankful for her friendship. Thankful she listens. And I’m thankful the weather cooperated yesterday and appears to be cooperating today as we continue filming outdoors.

Let’s play doctor

I had an incredibly busy/full Monday.

Started out at 6:00 am – hurried home (after being up until 1 am talking with my daughter) to take a shower and change clothes and get back into town. Today we were filming for my campaign video and Andrea and Soren were going to be in it. Soren, of course, was adorable. However, he was a little cranky. But he was rewarded by being able to jump on a trampoline for a little bit.

Then Andrea did henna on my shoulder. Not a good idea. She used the premixed henna and it had such a strong smell to it that I was sick all morning. I finally had to scrape it off so it won’t be very noticeable, but at least I wasn’t sick anymore. Hurried to hug and kiss them goodbye and off to work.

Well, work, as in I was there for 10 minutes before I had to leave for my doctor’s appointment. You know, the one I have had to wait weeks for since I was released from the hospital. I absolutely love this new doctor though. She was very personable. I have never had a woman physician personally before and we seemed to connect – she really listened and gave me all the time I needed. I know I’m going to like her a lot.

So, she changed my blood pressure meds to something stronger (it also happens to be a lot pricier). There is no generic for it either. But the good news is that it is still covered under my prescription plan. She gave me a month’s worth of samples to see if that helps. I have an app that lets me track my BP and it was obvious that we needed to do something. Plus she is going to continue prescribing my MS meds for me instead of making me go to a neurologist (unless I have an exacerbation).

Then lab work to check my potassium levels. They called me a couple of hours later to tell me that it was normal, but low normal and she wanted me to start taking a multi-vitamin with potassium in it.

Hopefully I will be all set on the health care front for awhile.

I’ve had a headache most of the day – but I’m attributing that to lack of sleep and stress. I had hoped to be able to get to bed early tonight, but it is already after 11:00 pm and I still have to finish a couple of things I brought home from the office.

I asked my niece if she would stay with her grandpa on Friday night, hoping I could then lay in bed on Saturday morning. She said she would stay, but she sleeps so soundly that she wouldn’t hear him if he called her in the night. Sigh. I guess I won’t really get a break. I’m exhausted. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been in my bed and I really miss it.

The next two days are more filming days so I won’t be getting much work done. But somehow I must, I have a board meeting on Thursday morning early and another out of town meeting on Friday. No wonder I’m tired šŸ˜‰

But I’m thankful for my new doctor. I’m thankful my meds will be covered under my insurance plan. And I’m thankful for the time with my daughter and grandson

Short and Sweet

My grandson is here spending the day with me. That’s plenty to be thankful for. Even with all the “why?” questions all day


Weekends are usually my time to play catch up from hectic weeks. I was able to find a bit of time but not much. Still no reading. I miss my reading time. I miss my time to write. I just feel like I’m treading water…or maybe sinking a bit.

My day was consumed with going out to find a desk for dad. Nobody had what we were looking for and I ended up ordering it online. Still least it should be here next week. Warren can assemble it so we will be ready for it.

Then home to “rest”. I had a nap in the sun…but only a few minutes until Warren woke me up.

I did finally get my book ready to publish. The table of contents has been giving me fits. I decided to just start fresh with it. Then I realized I had done something wrong. Started over again. Looked great. I accidentally deleted it along with the intro pages. I was able to recreate the intro pages. But I had to do the table of contents a third time. I uploaded the file but I want to do one more proofread tonight. I’m still waiting on the friend to deliver the photoshop files so I can finish up my cover. I’m excited about the cover though (if I ever get it).

Then, into my dad’s. Of course he had things for me to do. But my cousin and her husband stopped over for a couple of hours.

All in all it has been a better day though. Tomorrow will be hectic and busy. But a good busy. My daughter and grandson are coming for a brief visit.

I’m thankful for days to catch up, even when i didn’t get all the things done i wanted to do. I hope your Saturday was good.

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